Culture for innovation

Positioned for innovation

EVRY adopted a new business plan in 2015 to adapt the company to the market and to position itself for growth and development. It continues to operate this business plan today, which has four action areas: Get the basics right, Operational excellence, Customer centricity, and Employee engagement & culture. A fifth area is Innovation, which is an integral part of the other areas. We have built our reporting on these areas.

EVRY seeks to have a customer-centric and partner-driven approach, and a corporate culture that supports innovation and collaboration. In order to direct this approach, the company’s employees follow “the three Cs”:

Customer-centricity: We understand and anticipate customers’ current and future needs, helping them successfully navigate digital transformation and excel in business.

Collaboration: We leverage cross-functional industry and technology insights in collaboration with customers and strategic partners to increase our expertise and create value.

Culture: We share our energy, curiosity and ideas to foster innovation, attracting talents and enabling the most diversified and competent teams.

Key activities in 2017:

  • EVRY expanded its collaboration with IBM on infrastructure to include small and medium-sized businesses in Norway and Sweden.
  • A new delivery unit, Digital Platform Services, was set up to create shared methods, processes and tools across EVRY’s business areas.
  • EVRY’s Strategic Design Lab was very active and carried out a range of exciting customer projects in 2017. 
  • EVRY invested heavily in talent and in recruiting staff for new areas of expertise. A total of 600 new employees joined EVRY in 2017.
  • EVRY invested in cognitive solutions, and now has more than 60 dedicated staff whose primary area of work is cognitive solutions.
  • EVRY intensified its investment in concept development. The use of robotic process automation to automate customer service and accounting tasks is one area of focus that is attracting a lot of interest in the market.
  • EVRY invested in areas such as augmented and virtual reality, and won a number of contracts and assignments in these areas in 2017.

Business goals  2017 results  2016 results  2015 results 
Continuously enhance and increase customer satisfaction across all business areas.  Customer satisfaction 75  Customer satisfaction 77  Customer satisfaction 75 
Leverage our extensive customer base and strong portfolio of products and services across all business areas to further accelerate organic growth.  Order backlog nok 18.0 bn  Order backlog nok 20.8 bn  Order backlog nok 17.1 bn 
Continue to increase profitability across all business areas by deploying best practices and exploiting innovations and new technologies.  Adjusted EBITA margin 12.5 %  Adjusted EBITA margin 10.8 %  Adjusted EBITA margin 6.3 % 
Attract, develop and retain the most highly motivated, committed and skilled employees in the industry.   Employee satisfaction 81.6 points  Employee satisfaction 80.1 points  Employee satisfaction 75.4 points