About EVRY

We are shaping the future, today

EVRY is always on the lookout for technologies and solutions that give its customers a commercial advantage. New technology is creating new opportunities, and EVRY is firmly focused on innovation, expertise and corporate culture in order to develop new digital services that will help shape the future.

We are moving into an era of major digital transformation. Once a technology matures, its rate of adoption increases dramatically across business and industry, the public sector, and society in general. 

Artificial intelligence is set to be a major driving force for digitalisation in the future, and will take the form of a range of technologies associated with sensor information, image interpretation, speech recognition, language processing, machine learning, cognitive computing and robotics, for example. These technologies will be important in the years ahead, and EVRY is working widely across all these new areas.

Digital talent to shape the future

EVRY’s value proposition for its employees is “Shape the future today”. In 2017 EVRY helped shape the future more than ever before. The company invested actively in talent, and recruited a number of new employees whose expertise lies in new important areas of technology such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, robotisation, machine learning and the internet of things.

EVRY’s investment in its Innovation Lab is giving talented young people the chance to try their hand at working on digital questions related to real customer challenges. EVRY’s investment in cognitive solutions means it now has more than 60 dedicated staff whose primary area of work is cognitive solutions. The EVRY Strategic Design Lab brings together teams specialising in the areas of management consultancy, service design, customer experience and digital solutions in order to strengthen its customers’ competitiveness.

EVRY will further intensify its high level of investment in new technology and service development in the years ahead. EVRY is in a unique position in terms of its ability to create digital advantage not only for its customers but also for society and all users of digital services.

"EVRY’s investment in its Innovation Lab is giving talented young people the chance to try their hand at working on digital questions related to real customer challenges."


Head of EVRY Innovation Lab

"My work primarily concerns the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation and helping customers to adapt to it. In addition to setting up systems, routines and processes that meet the new requirements, we are helping customers to find new business opportunities generated by the regulation."


Junior Consultant, Project Management & Test and Quality Services – Sweden

"From a management perspective, artificial intelligence may lead to better decisions that are more based on data. It also offers the potential to make operations more automated. Artificial intelligence can perform routine tasks, enabling employees to use their time more productively."


Consultant, Technology Consulting – Norway

"Above all, what we do is strive to make our customers into shining examples in their industry, increasing their competitiveness and often also benefiting society."


Sales Executive, Retail, Transport and Logistics – Sweden

"I work on what at EVRY we call emerging technologies, which is everything from the internet of things to machine learning, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and software robots. My role as a strategic advisor to customers is to put these technologies into a context that creates meaning and generates value."


Head of Emerging Tech Navigators – Norway

Cognitive expertise

Cognitive computing, which is to say systems that are capable of understanding and processing symbolic and conceptual information, is one area of technology in which EVRY has built up and is continuing to develop significant expertise. Implementing cognitive solutions creates win-win scenarios for customers and their end-users. Cognitive solutions help organisations to use their data to generate meaningful insight that enables them to offer more relevant and customised services. 

The banking sector, in which EVRY is uniquely positioned, is but one of many industries that has significant potential to benefit from this field. Customers expect seamless and simple digital services on their preferred channel. In order to meet their expectations and to be competitive in the market, banks need solutions that enable them to become better at understanding and using their data. Cognitive solutions can generate valuable insight from internal and external customer data. This insight can then be used to provide much more personal and individual advice, and can also be used by virtual assistants or chatbots.

Robot recruiters hire more women

EVRY is working on a range of digitalisation projects and often uses its own organisation to test out and pilot new solutions. In 2017 EVRY used a robot in its recruitment activities, which proved to be very successful. In a first phase, robotics in the form of a game-based aptitude test was used to assess candidates’ logical reasoning skills and complex problem-solving abilities. The second phase consisted of a personality test, and the third phase was a video interview in which candidates were asked questions on digitalisation. The robot was particularly involved in the first and second phases of the selection process. The most important criteria the robot was tasked to find were personal characteristics associated with continuous development and learning. It was also tasked with looking for logical reasoning and mathematical understanding, as well as the ability to learn new things quickly.

This objective way of screening candidates led to EVRY identifying more female candidates for the final round of recruitment, which is very positive in a male-dominated industry. 33 percent of the 600 people who joined EVRY in 2017 were women. In the young new graduates category, 40 percent of new recruits were women, which compares with an industry average of 24 percent.

"My job is in cloud services and I work closely with big international names like Google, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and IBM. We work together to strengthen the level of innovation taking place in society and to make new technology more easily accessible."


Junior Consultant, Sales and Partnerships – Sweden

"EVRY is a company that is ahead of the field in most areas of tech. We work on large solutions that are important not only to society but also to the individual employee at our customers, making their working day simpler through digitalisation."


Head of Intelligent Automation – Norway

"EVRY has been a long-standing technology leader. However, to stay relevant and maintain our edge, it is not enough to focus only on tech. We need to take an outside-in perspective and approach - creating value by shifting our focus to the context of our customers."


Lead Designer, EVRY Strategic Design Lab – Norway

"I work in blockchain, robotics and artificial intelligence, which is a really interesting thing to do at EVRY. We have great relationships with our customers and we also research new ways of developing services, which creates significant value for our customers."


Strategic Advisor, Business Quality & Development – Norway

Digital life

Digitalisation, innovation and disruptive business models are regularly discussed by the media. Behind the headlines, visions and frightening future scenarios, there is a fairly rational world – people’s everyday lives.  We are told that change is happening more and more quickly and that digitalisation will affect us all. But what do people really think about this? In 2017 EVRY investigated people’s day-to-day digital lives and used focus groups and representative surveys in Norway and Sweden to discover people’s attitudes to and thoughts on digitalisation, automated services, robotics and artificial intelligence.

Our findings were that people are more confused than enlightened by buzzwords and modern terminology. However, although people are not much interested in technology trends and terminology, they are interested in the concrete benefits of digitalisation. Everyone wants to save time, to queue less, and to be free to carry out tasks when it suits them. Over half of the population of Norway and Sweden also think that digital services make it easier for them to organise family activities. People in Norway and Sweden are not interested in technology for technology’s sake, but rather for how it makes the services they use better, more accessible, less time-consuming, less complicated and cheaper. Over half of the population of Norway and Sweden also think that digital services make it easier for them to organise family activities, and view social media as enriching their day-to-day lives.

People in Norway and Sweden are not interested in technology for technology’s sake, but rather for how it makes the services they use better, more accessible, less time-consuming, less complicated and cheaper.

A digitalised society

The speed at which Norwegian society is digitalising is increasing. EVRY is an important motor for this progress. In the years ahead, the digitalisation of society will expand into ever more areas, yielding many benefits. Government organisations, municipalities and private individuals are launching new digital solutions and services that are simplifying and improving people’s day-to-day lives. Examples include the digitalised measure- ment of energy consumption and the ways in which this information can facilitate smarter energy usage. Knowing more about people’s travel patterns makes smarter planning possible and can help public transport to flow more efficiently. In the waste management area, data can make the way in which rubbish collections are managed smarter, while healthcare services can achieve major efficiency gains by analysing big data. Even plumbers will need to become involved with new technology, potentially through VR glasses that display installation diagrams and instructions.

It is important to understand new technology rather than turn one’s back on it. EVRY is committed to being a driver for digitalisation, and will work in a targeted way on developing and implementing new customer solutions that deliver gains for society.