About EVRY

Building the digital society

More than five million people in the Nordics use services delivered by EVRY every day. The company is the force behind a whole range of innovations that have transformed the way people access services. Through our insight, solutions and technology, we contribute to the development of the digital society of the future, for the benefit of our customers, their customers and society as a whole.

EVRY is a leading IT company in the Nordic region and has a strong local and regional presence. It delivers operationally critical solutions to more than 10 000  customers in business and industry and the public sector. The company develops new customer-centric solutions that give customers a digital advantage, modernise business processes and make IT operating services more efficient.

More than 10 000 customers

Offices in 9 countries

Every second, day and night, people are logging into their internet banking, retrieving important work documents, or just checking the time of the next train home. EVRY is the force behind services such as these that are of great value to society. Our employees are highly qualified and have in-depth expertise and extensive experience. Making use of our strong local knowledge and drawing on our international resources has allowed us to develop a unique position in the Nordic market. We provide both industrialised IT services to organisations that need standard solutions as well as solutions that are adapted to meet industry-specific and regulatory requirements.

EVRY is divided into the following market segments: EVRY Financial Services, EVRY Norway and EVRY Sweden, which are responsible for customer relationships and customer service.  EVRY Financial Services delivers services to the banking and finance sector internationally, while EVRY Norway and EVRY Sweden serve all other sectors in their respective markets. The new EVRY Digital Platform Services unit, which was created by bringing together the Operations, Cloud Services and Global Delivery units, is closely integrated with EVRY’s market segments.

As an integral part of its service offering EVRY has entered into strategic collaborations with leading global companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Google, Amazon Web Services, Apple, Facebook and Method.

EVRY has 8 545 full-time employees located across Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, India, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Latvia and Bulgaria. EVRY’s head office is located in Fornebu, outside Oslo.

Business areas

EVRY Financial Services

EVRY Financial Services is a complete industry vertical and is responsible for the Group’s deliveries to bank and finance customers. The business area offers a broad and comprehensive portfolio of solutions to support banks in their management of continuous change and to facilitate the next generation of banking services.

EVRY has the experience, resources and expertise that banks and financial institutions need to adapt to the changes taking place in the sector. Through its in-depth industry knowledge, EVRY helps its customers to think innovatively and to generate new ideas that change how they operate and compete, with its services ranging from developing the customer experience to modernising and simplifying key IT systems and improving an organisation’s cost efficiency by automating its processes.

It is crucial for banks to provide both their customers and employees with user-friendly banking services with state-of-the art functionality. EVRY’s significant investment in next-generation core banking and payment solutions is therefore strategically important for the company. The use of modern architecture and standards ensures that EVRY’s solutions are flexible, cost-effective and adapted to international requirements. EVRY’s development strategy and implementation methodology are firmly based on the company’s close collaboration with the Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN), of which EVRY is the only member that is a Nordic IT service provider. The solutions can be delivered as SaaS services from EVRY, or as components installed at banks.

The Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is driving open banking as well as innovation and new initiatives in the financial services industry, with the banking sector opening up to new entrants and banks. The need for open banking capabilities and compliance with PSD2 will increase demand for solutions that foster and manage API-based business development, and this is an area that will continue to be in focus in the time ahead.

The market offers continuing new opportunities, and EVRY is well-positioned to capitalise on them. Gartner estimates that the Nordic market for IT services and software for banks will grow on average by 5.7% annually, taking it from NOK 33.7 billion in 2016 to NOK 42.0 billion in 2020.

EVRY Financial Services has 1 409 employees with in-depth insight into the opportunities and challenges that characterise the bank and finance market. EVRY Financial Services has significant experience from executing major and important projects, giving it the expertise and delivery capabilities needed to deliver on customer requirements.

EVRY Financial Services market position

Number 1 in banking and finance solutions in the Nordic region

Number 1 in banking and finance solutions in Norway

150 customers in 12 countries

Market leader in card solutions in the Nordic region

EVRY Norway

EVRY Norway delivers business critical solutions to several focused industries within the private and public sector. Amongst its customers are the largest organisations in Norway. EVRY is the market leader in the SMB market. The business area is responsible for approximately 25 percent of all IT service deliveries in Norway.

EVRY is represented in over 20 Norwegian towns and cities. The company focuses on selected industries such as the public sector, the healthcare sector, insurance, telecoms and logistics, manufacturing companies, the energy industry, and trading companies. With a customer-centric approach in combination with extensive industry experience and a high level of expertise, EVRY achieves significant digital gains for its customers. EVRY help customers modernise business processes and make IT operations more efficient and is the force behind a whole range of innovations that are shaping and developing Norwegian society every day. In each industry EVRY is a full-service provider of IT services throughout the whole value chain, from infrastructure and operations services to business process systems, applications, consulting services, collaboration solutions and innovation concepts. In the SMB segment, EVRY delivers complete and cost-efficient solutions through its extensive local presence. The company has dedicated teams that know the opportunities and challenges facing local businesses. In addition, EVRY has a unique partner network that ensures its customers have access to leading technology and specialist expertise and the flexibility to choose the best solution for their organisation. 

EVRY is well-positioned for organic growth. Forecasts by the market intelligence company IDC indicate that the market for IT services in Norway will grow by 1.9% annually, taking it from NOK 32.8 billion in 2016 to NOK 35.2 billion in 2020. EVRY Norway has 2 193 employees with in-depth insight into the opportunities and challenges that characterise the Norwegian market. Thanks to its strong delivery capabilities and dedicated teams with extensive experience from large and complex projects, EVRY Norway is an attractive collaboration partner to customers in all the company’s focus industries.


Number 1 in the overall IT services market

Number 1 in SMB segment

Market share of 29 % in local government sector

Market share of 21 % in healthcare

EVRY Sweden

Swedish customers want consultants who are technological and commercial experts in their sectors and industries. EVRY Sweden's ability to meet the market’s needs with industry specific solutions and broad spectrum of innovative services, positions EVRY Sweden as the no 1 supplier of IT Services to the SMB segment in Sweden. Still maintaining a strong position in relation to large public and private sector organisations. 

EVRY Sweden has a unique regional presence and it’s 23 local offices take full responsibility for its customers’ investment in IT, right from identifying their needs through to realising the benefits of their investment and following up on the results. EVRY Sweden offers everything from strategic advice and consulting services through  to complete solutions and IT operating services, and has the delivery capabilities to serve small, medium-sized and large customers. Thanks to its in-depth expertise in business-critical services, including in data storage, cloud services architecture, IoT, analytics, automation, information logistics and application operations, EVRY is able to offer both efficient and reliable infrastructure services and value-adding services, supporting customers in their digital change journeys.

EVRY is well-positioned for future growth in the Swedish market. Its greatest competitive advantage is its ability to combine its local knowledge and presence with its international resources for systems development. Forecasts by the market intelligence company IDC indicate that the market for IT services in Sweden will grow by 2.2% annually, taking it from NOK 63 billion in 2016 to NOK 68.9 billion in 2020.

EVRY Sweden has 1 685 employees with in-depth insight into the opportunities and challenges that characterise the Swedish market. Thanks to its experience from a range of large and important projects, EVRY Sweden has the strong expertise, innovative solutions and unique local delivery capabilities, all which are required to meet the needs of the market it serves.


Number 1 in SMB segment

Number 4 in the overall IT services market

Strong industry verticals in the public sector

Strong specialist teams in areas such as security & mobility

EVRY Digital Platform Services

EVRY Digital Platform Services is a new business area that was set up in 2017 by bringing together Nordic Operations, Cloud Services and Global Delivery. This step has given EVRY a more future-oriented organisation for operations and digital service development. The new delivery unit is responsible for shared methods, processes and tools across EVRY Financial Services, EVRY Norway and EVRY Sweden.

EVRY Digital Platform Services works to set up new partnerships with leading global companies and to develop the partnerships EVRY already has in place in order to secure new and future-oriented services with scalability across all industries.

EVRY Digital Platform Services has 1 035 employees with in-depth technical knowledge and expertise in digitalisation, IT infrastructure and cloud-based delivery models. Global Delivery, which now is included in EVRY Digital Platform Services, has 3 200 employees. This division provides offshoring from India, nearshoring from Ukraine and first-line customer service from Latvia.